YMI Winners’ Circle

Extreme Jeans Reviews


The Extreme Jean hit the shelves in December and theyai??i??ve been getting some really great press. But donai??i??tai??i?? take our word for it, read some reviews from our favorite bloggers and Facebook fansai??i??celebs love ai???em too! Kathy of Denim Therapy ai???YMI Extreme is the new legging jean that will make fashionistas devout believers. I love…

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YMI Sweepstakes: Beth Goes to Hollywood!


Beth is the lucky little lady who won the YMI Sweepstakes and she is awesome enough to write a little anecdote about her trip to Hollywood! Check out some photos and read about all the fun she had. Brittany, Kim Caldwell and Beth! I was the lucky winner of the YMI Hollywood sweepstakes, which was…

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Hello, Farewell, Congrats!


Itai??i??s been a very busy and exciting time for us at YMI this week and we want to share all the juicy details with you! Kimai??i??s YMI Farewell First off, we have some bittersweet news that our Fall ai???09 Ambassador, the lovely Miss Kimberly Caldwell, is saying farewell. Sheai??i??s so wonderful and we couldnai??i??t have…

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