A Girlai??i??s Best Friend Is Her Bag


Marilyn Monroe sang that ai???diamonds are a girlai??i??s best friendai???ai??i??but we know the truth. A self-respecting fashionista would never leave behind her handbag! Not only does it carry all of our necessities, but the right bag can transform an outfit from drab to glamorous. Check out our wardrobe picks, which are inspired by the latest handbag styles: clutch, fringe and fold over.



A clutch can be an elegant evening accessory or an easy bag to take to class. This animal print clutch from Etsyai??i??s gracefulgoods store durable and fully lined with matching colors. Just as versatile are the

YMI Cigarette Jeans which are comfortable yet look put together.



Fringe is in. Don’t worry if you donai??i??t have the money to splurge on a Chanel purse; you can get a vintage piece for a fraction of the price. This 1980′s quilted purse with fringe is available on Etsyai??i??s thepuddingstorevint store. Pair your vintage bag with YMIai??i??s sleek Black Ankle Zipper Jegging.

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Fold-over purses come in many styles, from enormous tote bags to discrete evening bags. This authentic 1960′s purse from Etsyai??i??s Flourisheshome store is perfect for date night. Itai??i??s compact but has room for the essentials: your cell phone, lip gloss and credit cards. Complete the look with YMIai??i??s Classic Flare Jeans.

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