March Astrology



Happy Birthday Pisces Feb 21 ai??i?? March 20


A Pisces is versatile and calming by nature. She can hit the dance floor and catch the rhythm of any song, or just as happily sit down and watch. Common buy lasix side effects of are. As an adaptable goddess, youai??i??re comfortable in any kind of situation which makes those around you feel relaxed in your presence.

The YMI Embellished Belted Bootcut Jean fits your need for comfort, but has a touch of sparkle which pushes you to take risks and try something new.

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Aries March 21 ai??i?? April 19


As an Aries, you have the confidence to set the fashion trends and thatai??i??s why youai??i??re down with trying looks before they become hot, even when your friends arenai??i??t. Cargo skinny jeans? Why not.

Try the YMI Grey Wash Cargo Skinny to show that you can fuse two trends, and still make it work.

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Taurus April 20 – May 20


You pride yourself on being a dependable friend, student, and colleague.
As a Taurus, youai??i??re known for standing by your word and following through. Thatai??i??s why you need a traditional and classy look that can work 24/7, a dependable look for a dependable girl.Try the YMI Grey Super Skinny Jegging, isnai??i??t it time you depended on something? These jeans are a classic style that are an asset to any outfit.

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Gemini May 21 – June 20


You have trouble deciding what you want. You are often torn between being sympathetic and competitive.

Your flighty and hard to predict personality makes it hard for people to read you, therefore,

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counteract your unpredictable personality with a dependable wardrobe staple like the YMI Brown Faux Leather Biker Jacket.

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Cancer June 21 – July 20


Youai??i??re an emotional volcano. Happy, sad, passionately in love; it comes in waves and occasionally knocks you down.

While this may cause drama in your everyday life, it comes with a powerful ability to relate to others. Your creativity is an asset when it is applied to your fashion style; as you have the ability to change your style like the tides, according to your mood.

The YMI Fleur De Lis Back Pocket Jean is the perfect jean for you this month, as its classic style allows you to wear it, no matter what your mood.

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Leo July 21 ai??i?? Aug 20


Thereai??i??s a reason youai??i??re known as a confidant girl. Youai??i??ve had a picture in your head of what your future has in store for you for a long time, and youai??i??re ambitious enough to achieve it.

But donai??i??t be afraid to deviate from the norm once in awhile. Try something new, even if itai??i??s unexpected for you.

The YMI Twisted Jean is a great place to start. Mix and match some of your wardrobe staples with this new interesting piece, and see where it takes you.

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Virgo Aug 21 ai??i?? Sept 20


As a Virgo you want to make sure everything is in its place, not only in your own life but in your friendsai??i?? lives as well. Try not to get caught up in making everything perfect and enjoy whatai??i??s in front of you.

However being so vigilant when it comes to your wadrobe does have its advantage, as you make sure each piece is multifunctional and can take you anywhere.

Try the YMI Basic 5 Pocket Bootcut for an additional wardrobe stapleai??i?? youai??i??ll be looking hot and have a place to stash your favorite lip gloss for an easy grab!

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Libra Sept 21 ai??i?? Oct 21


A natural hostess like you needs to be ready for guests at any moment.

You adore entertaining, especially when it involves the people you love. But the hostess deserves to have some fun too! Itai??i??s hard to always look polished and perfect, so allow yourself to have fun with your style and donai??i??t over analyze it. For the random day at the amusement park or lattes in the park, try the YMI Faded Grey Skinny. As a Libra, we know youai??i??ve got to look good no matter where youai??i??re headed and these jeans will do the trick!

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Scorpio Oct 21 ai??i?? Nov 20


Youai??i??re a loyal Scorpio who stands by her friends and family when it matters most. Donai??i??t let your typical loyalty sway this month; instead, show the heartfelt attitude that people know you for. To show as much passion on the outside as you exude on the inside try the YMI Bootcut Jean with Zig Zag Pockets. Sometimes your loyalty makes you zig to the left and zag to the right, but it also serves as a great guide to lead you through murky waters.

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Sagittarius Nov 21 ai??i?? Dec 20


A Sagittarius knows how to have fun. You are the life of the party with a serious gift for the gab. Youai??i??re always creating a good time for yourself. Take this, your sparkling personality and infamous smile to brighten someone elseai??i??s day. You may not care to raise the fashion bar but donai??i??t hesitate to try something new; try the YMI Double Button Bootcut and a pair of black patent leather heels. Itai??i??s classic, upbeat, and fun, just like you!

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Capricorn Dec 21 ai??i?? Jan 20


You play by the rules; sticking to what you know. People tend to trust you as you work hard and are always reliable. This sense of certainty is a total plus for your style ai??i?? no matter what you spend on an outfit people trust it must be expensive and on trend. But donai??i??t let youai??i??re the Type A personality limit your look. Jump outside your norm with the YMI Moto Asymmetrical Zip Pleather Jacket. You deserve a fun and exciting change once in awhile and now is the time to go for it!

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Aquarius Jan 21 ai??i?? Feb 20


You move to the beat of your own drum, but youai??i??re perfectly fine with that as your ability to be independent is what gives you character. Embrace your individual style ai??i?? even if it might be slightly shocking to others. They will understand in time! The YMI Rhinestone and Lurex Detailed Bootcut will set you apart from the crowd, just like your smashing personality.

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