The Inside Look: YMIai??i??s October Fashionista!

This month we chose to feature one of our most fearless YMI Fashionista’s, Dania! She is always pushing the fashion envelope with her edgy style so read on to find out her inspirations, trends she’s loving and her take on what it’s like to work at YMI…

Whatai??i??s your favorite YMI Jean? My favorite is the super skinny jean in all washes. I get really excited when we have a sale and I see the YMI skinnys in washes other than blue or black, so I actually have a few pairs in purple, green, bright blue, and pink! Iai??i??m smaller than your average human so I usually have to get them altered to the point that they look painted on. For the shoot, Iai??i??m actually wearing some shorts from the YMI Girls line! I really like them because they donai??i??t look like the shorts I usually see in the girls section of department stores with little kid designs, so theyai??i??re very versatile for both girls AND junior-sizes if they fit you.

Whatai??i??s your job at YMI? I work with the VP of Operations to handle Human Resources for the company. I welcome new employees and keep track of their vacation time, sick time, generate payroll reports, enroll them in our health insurance plan when they are eligible and assist them with any questions or concerns they may have.

Whatai??i??s your favorite thing about working at YMI? I really like how the atmosphere in the office is more like a ai???family thingai??? than a ai???co-worker Weai??i??re all professional but weai??i??re also all down to earth and have a sense of humor. Itai??i??s a relief to know youai??i??re coming to work with friends!

Whatai??i??s fashion trends are you liking right now? I love Japanese fashion and goth fashion! I really like gothic lolita, gyaru/gyaruo, cybergoth, steampunk, visual kei and oshare kei. I love and appreciate

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what the mainstream would call ai???bizarreai??? fashion. The more eccentric the better!

Whatai??i??s your must have accessory? I need to have my phone (Droid 2) with me everywhere. I forgot my phone at work one night and I felt phantom limb syndromeai??i??and this was BEFORE I had the internet on my phone!

How would you describe your style? Iai??i??m kind of random and bipolar when it comes to my style, it all depends on my moodai??i??or the time of day, hehe. When I go out at night to clubs, I love wearing over-the-top lacey, frilly black dresses with a tiny top hat or some other hair/head accessory. During the day, I like pulling out my skinny jeans or black leggings and topping them with a random, silly design on it. Lately I love shirts with cats in odd situationsai??i??like cats playing keyboards, Dracula Cat, Nyan Cat. I also love my tuxedo t-shirt even though itai??i??s cheesy.

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  1. 11.16.11

    Love what you’re wearing and love the article. From what I read I wish I had your fashion “fun” sense. I’m afraid of going to “out there” and yet you show you can do it with style!

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