Get Your Green On – Without Looking Like a Leprechaun


St. Patricka��s Day is a time to celebrate Irish culture with parties and parades. Add a touch of holiday cheer to your wardrobe by adding green accents and a clover or two for good luck. Whether or not youa��re Irish, youa��ll look amazing in these finds from Etsy and YMI jeans!

11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_01 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_02 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_03
11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_04 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_05 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_06
11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_07 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_08 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_09
11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_10 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_11 11-03-14_YMI_Blog_Post_Collage_v02_01_12

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