Next Big Thing: Super Bowl 2010


Iai??i??m just going to honest for a second, I never really watch the Super Bowl. I actually had to Google ai???who is in the 2010 Super Bowlai??? to even find out who is playingai??i??turns out itai??i??s the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. I do, however, get really pumped for the mega blown-up competition, commercials, half-time spectacle and the parties of course! With any party comes the perfect outfit and so Iai??i??ve gone in search on Etsy and take a look at what Iai??i??ve found. OH and I decided to root for the Saints no scrip cialis, craigslist. because Iai??i??m in love with the Fleur de lis.



This hand printed aqua blue tee is a little spin on the traditional Saintai??i??s jersey from HappyFamily. Their tees have been featured everywhere and itai??i??s no wonder because they rock.


Now, it really canai??i??t get anymore perfect than this! The YMI Fleur de lis skinny jeans look amazing and will be ever so comfortable as you pig out on the couch and root for the Saints.


Make sure you accessorize as youai??i??re munching on scoopfuls of guacamole! The husband and wife team of BeyondtheRockz created these gorgeous sterling silver earrings with a soft matte finish. The couple has been designing, hand making and restoring jewelry for a collective 25 years and it

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really shows in their skill.


Itai??i??s going to be a bit chilly no matter where youai??i??re watching the big game so stay bundled up in Saintai??i??s style with this hand printed jersey scarf created by Baton Rouge native, CircularAccessories. Not only does this scarf rule, sheai??i??s got bunches of most amazing designs in her shopai??i??seriously, check it out now.

Whether the winner is the Colts or the Saints, youai??i??ll impress the rest with your adorable alternative sports fanatic duds. :D

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