The Next Big Thing: Rihanna’s Style


So Rihannaai??i??s pretty much the coolest chic around, right? Sheai??i??s always got some fierce style going on that creates trends and looks effortless. Weai??i??re totally digging the trends sheai??i??s been making lately and thatai??i??s why weai??i??re using this Next Big Thing blog to capture her unique and unmistakable stylish greatness (Ta-Dah!). Weai??i??ve taken one of her most recent looks and will show you how to get her style using some YMI gear and items from hot new designers on Etsy.



The hottest part about this outfit is the destroyed black skinnies but we canai??i??t forget the black motorcycle jacket that will keep you warm as you strut your stuff.


We are so in love with this sexy scoop neck tee in black, showing off just the right amount. ;) ES One of One is a New York based young designer collection of essential tees, tops and dresses that are made with the softest and most luxurious fibers. atarax without prescription We couldnai??i??t have asked for more ai??i?? love them all!


We just couldnai??i??t pass this one up because itai??i??s too perfect for Rihannaai??i??s style! This baby skull necklace in 14K yellow gold with diamonds that is handmade by Michelle Chang is the toughest and cutest all at the same time (talk about bling~!!).Ai?? To Michelle, jewelry making is drawing, design, sculpture, and craft. It’s art embodied in a tiny object, one that can be worn to become a part of the person wearing it. Well, whoever is wearing this little gem must certainly be the raddest.


Did you know that Etsy has a great collection of vintage items? If not, youai??i??re really missing outai??i??not to be mean or anythingai??i??but seriously ai??i?? check it out! These adorable chocolate brown faux leather booties caught our eye (among others). Brought to you by Smitten Clothing whoai??i??s crazy about vintage clothing and doesnai??i??t mind sharing some of that craziness with us ai??i?? thank goodness!

Now that weai??i??ve got some of Rihannaai??i??s style itai??i??s time to learn how to sing like herai??i??good luck to us!

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  1. 10.22.09

    I’m so glad to see that my fellow Barbadian, Rhianna, is looking so cute and getting such wonderful attention. I think it may be time for me to send her one of my baubles. :)

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