Twilightai??i??s Christian Serratos Drops By YMI


Twilightai??i??s sweetheart, Christian Serratos, stopped by our YMI office in Los Angeles and raided the coveted YMI closet! She totally made out, taking home a ton of really cute jackets and jeans.

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Sheai??i??s been busy filming The Twilight Saga: ?i??N?Ni??N????? ????Ni???????? ???i??N??i?? ?s???i?????i?? New Moon and Eclipse where she plays Angela Weber, Bella Swanai??i??s (Kristen Stewart) best (completely human) friend. Weai??i??re so happy she found time to come by and say hi!


Here she is looking completely gorgeous and sassy in her and YMI t-shirt. Such a great fit, huh?


Not only is Christian an awesome actress, ice skater, singer and songwriter – she also makes beautiful jewelry with her mom! Check out her gorgeous turquoise beaded cross necklace that goes perfectly with some YMI denim :)


We are excited to finally reveal our newest and definitely our hottest skinny jean, EXTREME by YMI! Doesnai??i??t Christian look great in them? They have a special loose weave to make them form to your body and fit like a glove and treated

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hit the racks in late November. I knowai??i??weai??i??re counting down the days too!

Watch this cute clip of Christian in YMIai??i??s Extreme Jeans. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday,

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Christian (she turned 19 on Sept 21!!!).

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